Elite UHD Televizija

With JVC Smart TV, the World’s content is on the tip of your finger. With various video on demand applications and useful tools, your TV is smarter than ever.

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UHD Televizija

With JVC UHD TV, you will enjoy all your content in extraordinary quality. Enhancing colors with vibrant details will give you the Picture quality you have dreamed of.

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FULL HD/HD Televizija

See the beauty in everything. JVC Full HD&HD TV’s will reveal the breathtaking details and enable you to enjoy every content.

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Android Televizija

Android TV makes it easier to get more from your TV. Choose from 400,000+* movies and shows from across streaming services. Ask Google to control your TV, get recommendations of what to watch, dim the lights, and more with your voice. Cast photos, videos, and music from smart devices to your TV with Chromecast built-in.

Otkrijte Android Televizija

JVC QLED TV’s offering a vast range of up to one billion colours, they bring the on-screen picture to life, enabling colours, such as deep reds and greens to be more realistically and powerfully displayed in exactly the right shades and hues.

Otkrijte QLED

Designed to bring life-like colour vibrancy, detail, and definition to even the darkest scenes, the OLED TVs offer a near infinite contrast ratio, turning their self-emissive pixels all the way off to display true, inkjet blacks.

Otkrijte OLED

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